Sydney Sweeney may be up for granddaughter of the year.

The “White Lotus” star got her grandmothers, Sherry and Velda, cast as extras in “The Voyeurs,” Sweeney’s new erotic thriller about a couple (Sweeney and Justice Smith) who become obsessed by another seemingly kinky couple (Ben Hardy and Natasha Liu Bordizzo) in a neighboring building.

“My grandmothers were visiting me when we were filming in Montreal so I thought it would be a fun surprise for them,” Sweeney told me at the movie’s outdoor premiere screening on Monday night at NeueHouse in Hollywood.

Without giving too much away, the grandmas are in a scene that includes NSFW imagery of Sweeney. “I was like, ‘Nanas, this is going to be iconic,’” Sweeney recalls, laughing.

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Michael Buckner for PMC

And to top it all off, both grandmas were also at the premiere. “I had Amazon invite them like they were stars of the movie,” Sweeney said. “I got them a glam team and a photographer and had them styled and they came and did the carpet.”

That also means that Sherry and Velda (they asked that only their first names be used) were among the 135 guests who watched Sweeney in some very explicit scenes played on a giant screen on a rooftop in the middle of Hollywood. “Yeah, it’s probably not the most grandma-friendly movie to watch,” Sweeney said. “But then my grandma also thought it would be great to bring her son – my uncle. I couldn’t say no. So it’s my uncle, my aunt, my two grandmas, my mom and a couple of friends who are here. I did tell them there are going to be some moments where you have to cover your eyes and ears. They did. Actually, my Nana sat there going, ‘Whoa!’”

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Michael Buckner for PMC

It was also a family affair for Smith, whose mom was in attendance. At one point during the screening, Smith could be heard yelling, “Don’t watch, mom!”
“She wants to see everything that I do,” Smith told me. “She’s been a very supportive mom from day one, but she was covering her eyes and saying, ‘Tell me when it’s over!’”

Written and directed by Michael Mohan, “The Voyeurs” will be released Sept. 10 on Amazon Prime Video.