Alec Baldwin knows how to make an entrance. The actor showed up at the premiere of “Boss Baby: Family Business” in New York City on Tuesday with his wife, Hilaria, and all six of their kids dressed in matching suits and ties.

While Baldwin portrayed the titular Boss Baby in the first film, Amy Sedaris steps up to the plate and voices the new Boss Baby, Tina Templeton, in the latest installment. “You didn’t tell me you were bringing your children!” Sedaris exclaimed to Baldwin as she stepped onto the carpet. While Sedaris does not have kids of her own, she is the godmother of her actor ex-boyfriend Paul Dinello’s two children. She told Variety that she came up with the voice of Tina Tempelton while spending time with them.

“It was like a voice that I would always do with my godchildren,” Sedaris said. “I knew they related to that, so I kept that in my back pocket.”

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Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin Lexie Moreland for Variety

Jeff Hermann, who served as the producer on both “Boss Baby” films, told Variety that the third film is in early development and that they are searching for the “magic concoction” that will revert Ted and Tim Tempelton to their youthful forms once again.

“We don’t have a big idea yet, but I think we’re gonna try to do the same thing we did with the second and go in an unexpected direction,” Hermann said. “Going 25 years into the future, I don’t think many people would’ve thought we would take that route, because everybody wants to see them as kids, and we need a great device to get them back there. So we have to find that magic concoction for this time.”

“Boss Baby: Family Business” marks the sixth film Hans Zimmer and Steve Mazzaro have collaborated on, including the original 2017 film. While speaking with Variety, the duo discussed how it was different working together during the pandemic.

“Well, the difference for me was he didn’t raid my fridge, he didn’t come over to my house and he didn’t drink my wine,” Zimmer said. 

Mazzaro recalled how he bought a plane ticket to move back to Ohio almost a decade ago, and credited Zimmer for pulling him out of retirement.

“I was done with [making music], I was just gonna go back and live my life [in Ohio],” Mazzaro recalled. “Then, I just got a random call out of the blue.”

Zimmer then looked at Mazzaro and asked, “Can I say where you were working at the time?” He replied, “You can try, yeah.”

“I found his number on the internet and I called him,” Zimmer said. “I said ‘You’re amazing,’ and he goes, ‘Well, actually, I’ve given up. I bought the ticket and moving back to Ohio.’ He was working in the computer filing office of a law firm.”

Zimmer then offered Mazzaro the opportunity to work on “The Dark Knight Rises” with him and director Christopher Nolan, which the young composer said was a “worthwhile offer.”

“He still owes me $200 for that plane ticket,” Mazzaro joked.

After delaying his tour due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Zimmer will be heading to Europe in spring 2022 for a major new arena tour through Europe.

“All my friends are forcing me to go on the road and I’m the one who’s going, ‘I’m not going, I get stage fright,'” Zimmer said. “Then they get me to go on the road and I’m going, ‘Whoa, I’m really enjoying this.’ And then COVID took it away! The show at the moment is just over six and a half hours long, so I’d have to trim it ever so slightly. If we can make 80,000 men cry at Coachella, I think it’s worth doing.”

(Pictured: Alec Baldwin and Amy Sedaris)