Joe Biden and Kamala Harrisinauguration was almost star-studded enough to take place on the red carpet. So, it’s no surprise prominent Hollywood figures and celebrities took to social media to weigh in on the ceremony.

The event, which began with fanfare prior to Wednesday morning, featured events and performances from a host of artists, including Fall Out Boy, James Taylor, Carole King, Ben Harper and Will.i.am at the pre-inauguration virtual concert Sunday; Justin Timberlake, Demi Lovato, John Legend, Bruce Springsteen, Foo Fighters and more at the Tom Hanks-hosted primetime TV special “Celebrating America;” and Lady Gaga singing the national anthem at the inauguration ceremony.

Many A-listers reacted to the inauguration in different ways. Some tweeted out a quippy one-liner, while others sent out a hopeful message to the American people.

After four years with Donald Trump in office, Mark Ruffalo assured his followers that everything will be okay.

“We are going to be okay. From the wreckage there will be renewal, from the wounds will grow compassion and character, from the division will come clarity, from the despair will come wisdom, from the loss will come community,” he wrote.

“Congratulations to our new President @JoeBiden and VP @KamalaHarris. We know you will do your best to make America good again,” wrote Jimmy Kimmel.

After reportedly getting blocked by Donald Trump for telling him “lol no one likes you,” Chrissy Teigen is asking Joe Biden for one thing: to follow her back on Twitter.

Apart from being a highly-acclaimed actor, author and comedian, Jim Carrey also likes to draw and share his artwork online. He shared one of his drawings that is labeled “Ding Dong the witch is dead.”

“6.8 miles below the sea is the Marianas Trench, and 6.8 miles below that is the bar Trump set for Biden,” Conan O’Brien wrote.

In addition, many celebrities tweeted out their excitement about Joe Biden and Kamala Harris entering the Oval Office. See more reactions below.