As Jeff Bezos heads into space on Blue Origin’s first crewed mission, Hollywood took to Twitter to weigh in on the historic (and controversial) flight.

While some celebrities used the opportunity to make jokes, others took to Twitter to condemn Bezos, who has been widely criticized for Amazon’s working conditions and benefiting from tax breaks, pleading with the billionaire to focus his resources toward Earth.

“The single most important discovery of space travel, for those who don’t already know is that we are one world,” Rob Reiner wrote on Twitter. “It’s time to clean it up.”

Musician Moby voiced similar concerns, writing, “Dear @elonmusk, @JeffBezos, @richardbranson, Earth needs your tech and money way more than space does.”

While many celebrities criticized the billionaire’s motives, comedians riffed suggestively about the rocket’s phallic shape.

“They just changed the flight path of Bezos’ rocket to head straight toward Uranus,” Bob Saget wrote on Twitter.

Comedian Amber Ruffin added, “Space bout to get fucked,” alongside a photo of the New Shepard rocket.

Author and screenwriter Gary Whitta, who wrote “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” also took to Twitter. “The whole thing with Bezos and his big phallic rocket is just gross,” Whitta said. “Pay your taxes, treat your workers with basic dignity and respect, use your obscene, incalculable wealth to help others. What kind of asshole says ‘Nah to all that, instead imma build myself a giant space dick!'”

Taking another angle, Conan O’Brien fired shots at Bezos’ high-priced supermarket chain, writing, “Jeff Bezos is charging someone $28 million for 11 minutes in space, which sounds just about right for the owner of Whole Foods.”

Former United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julián Castro wrote, “If billionaires paid their fair share in taxes, we could improve public education, end homelessness, and ensure every American has health care. Instead, we’re subsidizing their recreational space travel with tax loopholes and corporate handouts. We must do much better.”

Senator Elizabeth Warren added, “It’s time for Jeff Bezos to take care of business right here on Earth and pay his fair share in taxes.”

Most simply, writer and comedian Quinta Brunson tweeted, “I wanna fight Jeff Bezos.”