Viola Davis, Kerry Washington and More React to Derek Chauvin’s Guilty Verdict: ‘There Is More Fight Ahead of Us’

Derek Chauvin guilty
Court TV via AP, Pool

After former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty on Tuesday of murdering George Floyd, stars took to Twitter to praise the verdict, but also called for lasting systemic change to prevent racially motivated violence at the hands of police officers.

After the jury deliberated for over 10 hours, they found Chauvin guilty on all three of the charges he was facing: second-degree murder, third-degree murder and manslaughter. Chauvin’s bail was revoked and he will be detained until his sentencing, which is set to take place in eight weeks. Chauvin’s charges could result in a maximum sentence ranging from 10 to 40 years in prison.

Kerry Washington asked her followers to keep fighting for justice, writing: “A guilty #verdict. But this fight for justice is not over. We have a lot of work to do. There is more fight ahead of us. But RIGHT NOW please take CARE of yourself. And let’s take care of each other. Prayers and love to the family of #GeorgeFloyd.”

Alongside a painting of Floyd, “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” actor Viola Davis wrote, “GUILTY!!!! As it should be!! Now….Rest In Peace George Floyd. Rest. You and your family have been vindicated.”

Whoopi Goldberg said, “no one wins,” writing: “George Floyd is still gone..and finally someone was responsible… Derek Chauvin.”

Chris Evans sent love to the family and friends of George Floyd, simply writing: “Justice.”

Colman Domingo rejoiced in the verdict, writing: “Finally. Finally. Finally. We we keep on marching. We keep on moving the needle. We keep raising our voices. We keep loving. We keep believing. Let’s keep on keeping on. Justice. Justice. Justice.”

Yvette Nicole Brown pointed out that “this isn’t even a celebration.” “#GeorgeFloyd was still murdered before our eyes,” she wrote. “He’s gone. His family will never be made whole. And how many #DerekChauvin’s are there in the world & on the police force. There’s more than ONE bad apple. But this enough for this moment.”

“Bridgerton” executive producer Shonda Rhimes echoed Brown’s sentiment, writing, “This verdict does not bring back Mr. Floyd. But justice is truth.”

Mariah Carey called the verdict “a beginning.. a small grain of hope for our future.”

Voting rights activist Stacey Abrams wrote, “The evidence of our eyes met at last by accountability in the eyes of justice.”

Sen. Cory Booker reminded his followers that there is still justice to be carried out on a systemic level. “This verdict is justice served — but it is not justice for George Floyd. True justice would be a country where George Floyd would still be alive today,” Booker wrote. “True justice demands action — it demands change & that we do everything we can to stop this from happening again & again & again.”

“Full Frontal” host Samantha Bee wrote: “George Floyd’s murder was another horrific reminder of our country’s broken law enforcement system and the damage it has inflicted on the Black community. Today’s verdict, though a beginning, will never be enough, but we hope his family can find peace.”

However, Speaker Nancy Pelosi drew backlash on Twitter for the statement she made following the verdict. According to a video posted by Timothy Burke, Pelosi said: “Thank you George Floyd for sacrificing your life for justice … but because of you, and because of thousands, millions of people around the world who came out for justice, your name will always be synonymous with justice.”

In response to Pelosi’s statement, “Empire” writer Eric Haywood wrote: “White people, I promise you it’s okay to just not say anything.”

In a note to employees, Tony Vinciquerra, Chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures celebrated the jury’s decision. “Today’s guilty verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin is a resounding victory for everyone who has spent the last year trying to heal from the terrible events of last summer and fighting for accountability and justice,” Vinciquerra wrote. “As a company firmly committed to diversity and human rights, it is my hope that today’s decision will be a harbinger of greater unity and lasting change.”

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