Oddball British Duo Wet Leg Return With Their Second Great Single This Year, ‘Wet Dream’

Wet Leg
Holly Fernando

It’s rare that a new group releases two songs and they’re both great, but that’s the case with the new British duo Wet Leg, who just dropped the second song, “Wet Dream.”

The duo — Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers — hail from the Isle of Wight and are signed to indie powerhouse Domino Records, and set the alt world abuzz with their debut single and video “Chaise Longue,” which has racked up 3 million streams and a million video views. Their sound is essentially a modern take on early ’80s post-punk, with stabby guitars and driving beats but big hooks that wouldn’t be out of place in a more conventional pop setting.

Teasdale says “Wet Dream,” the new song: “Wet Dream is a breakup song; it came about when one of my exes went through a stage of texting me after we’d broken up telling me that ‘he had a dream about me’.”

The video — also directed by Teasdale — is something else completely, involving the duo and their band belatedly realizing that they have lobster claws for hands as they’re about to eat lobster. The highlight is when Teasdale holds up her claws and exclaims (clearly to those who read lips), “I’m a fucking lawbsta!”

As if the video and the group’s name weren’t a strong enough indication of where they’re coming from, behold their origin tale:

“Amidst a night of hazy scenes in their native Isle of Wight – a sparsely populated island off the south coast of England accessible only by boat – Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers found themselves at the summit of a Ferris wheel.

“They decided to start a band. The band is called Wet Leg.

“Arming themselves with guitars, a penchant for French disco, effervescent imaginations and a shared love of The Ronettes and Jane Birkin, through to Ty Segall and Bjork, they set about making some recordings of their own.”

The duo has also announced their first run of US shows. Tickets are on-sale this Friday, October 1st at 10am local time.

DATE                           CITY                             VENUE
Dec. 8th                        Brooklyn, NY                 Baby’s All Right
Dec. 14th                      Los Angeles, CA           The Moroccan Lounge
Dec. 15th                      San Francisco, CA        Popscene at Rickshaw Shop