Viewpark has teamed with Louisiana-based production company Back Porch Movies to develop and finance “In a Good Place Now,” a feature film based on the life of musician Warren Storm.

Storm, who died on Sept. 7, was a pioneer of the musical genre known as “swamp pop,” a combination of rhythm and blues, country and western, Cajun and black Creole music. His music inspired many other musicians, including Elvis and Hank Williams.

He also inspired Louisiana singer Yvette Landry. Born in Breaux Bridge, not far from the Levees of Atchafalaya, America’s largest swampland, Landry grew up with an appreciation of the rich culture and history of the Cajun people. When she encountered Storm she inspired him to cement his place in music history culminating in the book “Taking the World by Storm,” and the album “A Regional Roots Journey With the Godfather of Swamp Pop.”

The film will tell this intimate story of Landry and Storm and will feature a soundtrack with a variety of artists interpreting their version of swamp pop featuring The Yvette Landry Band.

Viewpark’s CEO, Krysanne Katsoolis, commented: “The remarkable and dramatic story of Yvette and Warren is both inspiring and entertaining and Dave DeBorde’s screenplay both documents its history and honors Warren’s legacy.”

“By partnering with Viewpark, we are in the unique position of closing our financing on the film,” Back Porch’s Luke Bourque said. “Viewpark’s passion to tell true stories and their expertise in creating a global footprint for their films is exactly what we want for our film.”