Range Media Partners, the fast-growing management company launched last year, has entered into a worldwide distribution agreement with Capitol Music Group and Virgin Music & Artist Label Services. According to the announcement, the deal spans all physical and digital distribution channels and will focus on releases under a new label, entitled Range Music.

Range Media’s music division represents Mariah Carey, Jack Harlow, Justin Tranter, Wale, PartyNextDoor, Max, WondaGurl, Midland, D Smoke, and more.

According to the announcement, the partnership is designed to expand the global reach and resources available to Range Media Partners and the musicians they represent. Range will draw upon Virgin’s extensive label services for commercial support, radio promotion and more. Range talent that may be concluding existing record contracts will be able to utilize Range Music as a potential new avenue. Alongside the music division, Range represents a wide range of talent across the film and TV industries, and will now be able to provide unique opportunities within sync, licensing and streamline soundtracks for their roster of nearly 50 filmmakers.

It also will offer new resources and opportunities to developing artists that the companies’ managers are passionate about helping mentor, as well as offering further synergistic support to the talent across their film and TV departments. Range Media Partners is structured so that each manager is a financial stakeholder.

Range Media’s music division is helmed by managing partners Matt Graham, Tyler Henry, Jack Minihan, Melissa Ruderman, Chris Thomas and Evan Winiker, as well as partners Michele Harrison, Greg Johnson and Rachel Douglas.

“Range Media Partners is a home for creators and managers alike,” said co-founder and managing partner Matt Graham.  “As a collective of experienced managers who came from across the industry’s best companies, we benefit from a diversity of ideas, tastes and relationships that help to create a tremendous multiplier effect for our management clients and any artists that we partner with at our new Range Music label. We endeavor to provide a safe harbor for artists and managers to grow and take advantage of our ample resources across the entire entertainment landscape.”

CMG Chairman & CEO Jeff Vaughn and CMG President and COO Michelle Jubelirer said “We are excited to be partnering with the great executive talent at Range Media Partners on our new venture, Range Music, that will be devoted to artist development and utilize the best of Virgin and Capitol to achieve our goals.”

Virgin President Jacqueline Saturn said, “Through our new partnership with Range, we can take advantage of Virgin’s ability to execute artist-friendly recording agreements and expedite the signing process, enabling us to focus on breaking artists and enhancing the careers of established talent, together.