Pink Dazzles With Easter Egg-Filled, Female-Empowering Video for ‘All I Know So Far,’ Co-Starring Cher

Pink All I Know So Far
Courtesy RCA Records

With more than 25 years of groundbreaking videos by everyone from Missy Elliott and Kendrick Lamar to Taylor Swift, Outkast and No Doubt, Dave Meyers is indisputably one of the greatest video directors of all time — and that status is due in no small part to his long relationship with Pink, which goes back to 1999 and her first clip for “There You Go.”

Well, the two have outdone even themselves with their 16 th and latest collaboration for her new song “All I Know So Far,” which combines eye-popping special effects, guest appearances from Cher, Tony-winning actress Judith Light and Pink’s family — and a heart-rending, family-based, female-empowerment storyline that contains multiple comic, easter-egg references to everything from “Titanic” to “Lord of the Rings” and the World War II-era “We Can Do It!” designed to inspire female factory workers.

The clip begins with a “Princess Bride”-referencing scene where Pink is about to read a bedtime story to her daughter, who insists she’s too old for boring fairy tales. The story unfolds about a rebellious teenaged girl who is constantly fighting with her mother and ultimately leaves home. A wide variety of surreal, eye-popping scenes ensue that find the young girl — who has grown into Pink — battling everything from giant dweebs to a rainstorm of daggers, walking through a desert strewn with beached battleships — during which Cher appears from the clouds as an angel encouraging Pink to push on — to a desert island where, battle-tested, she blows away all of the hostile male inhabitants except for one (Carey Hart, her real-life husband), who she immediately falls in love with. The two are then transported to a clipper ship awesomely called the “SS Fuck You,” where she and Hart are at the prow, “Titanic” style.

Another symbolism-heavy scene ensues where, dressed as the “We Can Do It!” model, she is pushing a vintage Mustang with her family inside up a steep hill by herself — with Hart at the wheel telling her to hurry up.

The clip ends in a “Lord of the Rings” style hellscape, with her pushing away her no-good husband and reconciling with her mother — but ends on a more than disturbing note, complete with a “Terminator 2” reference, where she and her daughter go up in flames in a nuclear Armageddon, based around the song’s last line, “I will be with you until the world blows up.” And she is.

“Dave Meyers and I are back together again,” says Pink in the announcement accompanying the video.  “Since this song is sort of the story of my life and a letter to my daughter, making this video with Dave after we did our first video together 22 years ago is a really special full circle moment.  He’s truly a genius and I am full of gratitude for our friendship and to experience all the times we’ve been able to work together.”

Meyers adds, “The saga of me and Pink is very long and it is very rewarding, we are so close,” says Dave.  “I have the longest stretch of my career with her so there’s always been a kind of brother/sister relationship that we’ve had. The beauty of where Pink and I are now is really the culmination of 22 years of friendship. In this video, I am trying to capture the full breadth of who she is, where she has been and the troubled youth that’s evolved into this idea of the power of community. It is where we are in the world right now and displays the idea that we really need each other.”

“All I Know So Far” was produced by Greg Kurstin and written by Pink with Oscar, Grammy and Tony Award-winning songwriters Benj Pasek & Justin Paul (“Dear Evan Hansen”). The track will be featured on Pink’s upcoming retrospective album, “All I Know So Far: Setlist,” due May 21st.   The album is a companion to the documentary feature of the same name, out the same day on Prime Video.

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