With the third single before the release of her debut album “Sour,” Olivia Rodrigo is turning up the volume.

“Good 4 U,” which was co-produced by Alexander 23 and Dan Nigro, further elaborates on the alternative edge displayed on previous single “Deja Vu,” delivering a nostalgic heartbreak anthem heavy with bass and electric guitar.

The song is introduced with a staccato bass line, followed by Rodrigo’s vocals in a soft tone: “Well good for you, I guess you moved on really easily / You found a new girl and it only took a couple weeks / Remember when you said that you wanted to give me the world?” A trembling guitar joins the bass for a moment before drums drop-kick into the chorus, which evokes a fluttering, cathartic feeling reminiscent of late ’90s Hole or early Paramore, but with a poppier flair.

Rodrigo’s usual belt verges more on speak-singing here, giving fans lyrics they can surely scream along to: “Well good for you / You look happy and healthy / Not me, If you ever cared to ask / Good for you / You’re doing great out there without me, baby / God I wish that I could do that.”

The song’s second verse takes a more sultry turn, returning to the original bass line with the addition of a lilting drum beat and tantalizing backup harmonies. Rodrigo’s anger mounts as she laments in a near-shout: “Remember when you swore to god I was the only / Person who ever got you / Well screw that, and screw you / You will never have to hurt the way you know that I do.”

Though the song touches upon the same themes of heartbreak as previous singles “Drivers License” and “Deja Vu,” “Good 4 U” promises spunk and genre experimentation for her upcoming album “Sour,” out May 21. In her recent Billboard cover story, Rodrigo opined on criticism regarding her songs’ scorned subject matter.

Rodrigo, fresh off her debut live television performance of “Drivers License” at the Brit Awards, has also been named Vevo’s first LIFT artist of 2021, a series designed to highlight new talent; alums include Billie Eilish, SZA and Doja Cat. It’s kicking off with a live performance of “Deja Vu”, and will follow with “Favorite Crime” next month and a short film on June 1, presenting alternate versions of her songs.

Rodrigo is also set to perform on “Saturday Night Live” tomorrow night.

Watch the music video for “Good 4 U” below, directed by Petra Collins.