Mike Posner announced that he will climb Mount Everest in April and May, raising money for the Detroit Justice Center through corporate sponsors and a GoFundMe page.

Climbing the world’s tallest mountain is not the first time the “I Took A Pill In Ibiza” singer has challenged himself. In 2019, the Grammy-nominated artist embarked on a walk across America, a six-month trek starting in Asbury Park, New Jersey and ending in Venice Beach, California. Since then, Posner has spent the last 18 months training his mind and body for Everest, scaling over 40 peaks in preparation.

“While my walk across America was about me finding myself, I want my climb to be about others,” Posner said. 

Posner chose to highlight the Detroit Justice Center because the organization is doing important criminal justice reform in his hometown. His climb will not only honor his city but also his father, a veteran criminal defense attorney in Detroit who died in 2017.

In January, Posner put out his latest song, “Momma Always Told Me,” featuring Stanaj and Yung Bae. In December 2020, he released “Operation: Wake Up,” a concept album about a depressed songwriter-for-hire. 

Recently, Posner’s music has made waves on TikTok thanks to the #PleaseDontGo challenge, which launched the singer’s 2010 hit to the top of the app’s trending sounds. Late last year, his debut single, “Cooler Than Me,” also from his album “31 Minutes to Takeoff,” experienced a similar resurgence on the platform. 

For more information about Posner’s climb, and to donate to the Detroit Justice Center, visit www.mikeposner.com