Mamie Coleman will lead all music creative for Fox Entertainment from Los Angeles. As the newly appointed exec VP of creative music for Fox Entertainment Music, she will also lead its free streaming AVOD platform and its animation production studio, Bento Box (“Bob’s Burgers,” “Central Park,” “The Great North”).

Coleman’s responsibilities as head of Fox Entertainment’s music division include overseeing the creation of original music for usage across Fox properties. She will be responsible for all music creative and administration on Fox Entertainment productions. In addition to Coleman’s appointment, Katy Gavillet was promoted to VP of creative music for Fox Entertainment Music.

“Mamie’s creative and business-driven approach turn opportunities into realized success for our music team, and her input and ideas have infused the new FEM brand with tremendous innovation,” said Amy Carney, COO of Fox Entertainment. “As we look to the future, we hope to continue growing our Fox-owned catalog, and this kind of work requires the imaginative thought process and bold entrepreneurial spirit that Mamie and her team possess in abundance.”

Coleman, a longtime Fox executive, has worked closely for several years with TV studios, production companies, major record labels, recording artists and agents to produce and develop innovative program launches, marketing strategies and image campaigns for Fox. Fox Entertainment Music, launched in 2019, already has a broad-spanning music catalog that includes more than 200 original songs, 15 theme songs for Fox-owned productions and three new branding mnemonics for Fox Entertainment, Fox Alternative Entertainment and Bento Box (“HouseBroken,” “The Prince,” “Duncanville”). As a leader of Fox Entertainment Music, Coleman will play an integral role in driving equality and inclusion throughout the division by recruiting a range of diverse voices within the creative community.