Jade Bird is one of the more promising British singer-songwriters to emerge in the past few years, and Grammy-winning producer Dave Cobb — who has helmed albums by Brandi Carlile, Chris Stapleton, Jason Isbell, the Highwomen and many more — is one of Nashville’s reigning producers. So when news emerged last year that they were recording together — cautiously making an album in Nashville during the pandemic — it seemed like a perfect match.

That dream-teaming is born out by the latest song to emerge from the forthcoming album, “Open Up the Heavens,” which premiered on the Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show earlier Thursday. The song follows two Cobb-produced tracks released last year, “Headstart” and “Houdini.”

“‘Open Up the Heavens’ was written and recorded two days before I had to fly home from recording in Nashville,” Bird said. “I’d heard stories about the last song you write for a record being the best, so I was searching for that in the vocal booth of RCA [Studios] that evening. Halfway into the riff Dave [Cobb] pops his head in and says ‘You should really do something with that.’ So I did. I sent the song to him two hours later and before I knew it, everyone was brought back in and we were tracking my favorite song on the record.”

Jade performed “Headstart” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (watch HERE) as well as playing live from the RCA Studios as a global livestreamed concert last week.