Trent Reznor’s and Atticus Ross’ dance card with Hollywood filmmakers was apparently not so full as it looked. Halsey just announced that the recently Oscar- and Emmy-winning duo are the producers of her new album, to be titled “If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power.”

Halsey made the announcement of her forthcoming album in a Monday morning tweet and Instagram post that contained no more information than the fact that the Nine Inch Nails mainstays are producing, the title of the album and the reminder that this is, indeed, her fourth. The singer’s social media message also included a 10-second video of a rooftop electronic billboard heralding the project.

No release date was offered, but it will apparently be arriving quickly, in the overall scale of things, on the heels of her third full-length, “Manic,” which came out on the eve of the pandemic in January 2020.

Halsey’s reps had no additional comment beyond her social media announcement.

Her employment of the duo counts as a coup becuse Reznor and Ross have had few significant production credits over the years outside of their own work with film scores and Nine Inch Nails. After producing or co-producing Marilyn Manson’s first five albums in 1994-96, Manson has rarely returned to the role for other artists, aside from a Saul Williams album in 2007 and a few isolated tracks. Because of a source sample, Reznor was credited as a producer on Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” single, but had no hands-on involvement.

Meanwhile, though, Reznor and Ross won both the Oscar and Golden Globe for best original score for “Soul” this year (sharing it with Jon Batiste, who separately composed the jazz sections) and winning an Emmy last year for the score of “Watchmen,” adding to a list of awards that began with their kudos for “The Social Network” in 2010.

Halsey has clearly been making use of time that otherwise would have been spent on the road, as she had a world tour scheduled for 2020, then postponed to 2021 and finally canceled in January of this year.

“Safety is the priority.,” the singer tweeted in January about the tour cancellation, adding, “Despite our absolute best efforts, there is no guarantee I’ll be able to tour the currently scheduled dates. I miss seeing all of you in the crowd every night more than anything, but I need to prioritize your health and safety. That being said, the Manic tour is now officially canceled. As much as we wanted to hold out hope that this tour could eventually happen, our priority is now getting your ticket money back to you immediately.”

Since releasing “Manic,” Halsey has participated on singles with country singer Kelsea Ballerini (“The Other Girl”), Marshmello (“Be Kind”) and Juice WRLD (“Life’s a Mess”).

Halsey was named songwriter of the year at the recent virtual BMI Pop Music Awards.