Drake Says Long-Delayed ‘Certified Lover Boy’ Album Will Be Out by End of Summer

FILE - This May 1, 2019 file photo shows Drake at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas. SiriusXM and Pandora, companies that merged earlier this year, announced Thursday, July 25, that they have signed a new creative partnership with the superstar rapper. (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP, File)
Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

It’s not exactly an iron-clad guarantee — especially by Drake standards — but the superstar rapper said on Saturday that his long-delayed “Certified Lover Boy” album, which he’d originally promised would be out in January but then changed his mind, will be out by the end of the summer.

On Saturday night, Drake sat down for a rare interview on Caffeine after an appearance at Ultimate Rap League’s N.O.M.E. XI battle-rap event, where he staked $50,000 on the winner. As noted by XXL, while discussing a forthcoming rap battle between Murda Mook and Reed Dollaz taking place at the end of the summer, Drake responded to persistent questioning from hosts Nunu Nellz and Tsu Surf with a “I’ll be there. My album will be out by then.”

Back in October, Drake announced that the project, his sixth full-length album, would be out in January 2021. However, in an update posted to his Instagram story late that month, he said that the album has been delayed due to a recent surgery.

“I was planning to release my album this month but between surgery and rehab my energy has been dedicated to recovery,” Drake wrote on his Instagram story. “I’m blessed to be back on my feet feeling great and focused on the album, but CLB won’t be dropping in January.” Though he hadn’t shared many details of his condition, it is believed that the rapper underwent knee surgery in October.

However, Drake assured fans that the album will release this year, writing: “I’m looking forward to sharing it with you all in 2021.”

The new album will mark his sixth full-length studio album and will be the follow up to 2018’s “Scorpion.” Drake first hinted that a new album was in the works in April of last year, and originally had it slated for release over the summer. On Aug. 14, Drake revealed the album’s title to be “Certified Lover Boy” alongside the release of “Laugh Now Cry Later” featuring Lil Durk, which was the first single to be released from this new project.