Dixie D’Amelio says her social media famous family is not aspiring to be the Kardashians 2.0. “Some people may want to say we’re trying to be like them, but that’s not it at all.” she says.

Even so, the D’Amelios will take the plunge into the world of reality television next month with the premiere of “The D’Amelio Show” a Hulu docu-series about Dixie, her younger sister Charli and their parents Marc and Heidi. “I don’t mind the comparison,” 19-year-old Dixie told me Thursday night at The Original Donut Shop Coffee-sponsored party for the premiere of the music video for her latest single “Pyscho” at the Triller House in Los Angeles. “It’s never harmful to be compared to someone who’s so successful. We’re definitely going to be inspired by some of the moves they make and how successful they are.”

Dixie admits she’s nervous about how much she opened up about mental health issues on the show. “It’s our everyday lives, our true emotions and feelings and just following our lives and our story,” she said. “You can see our whole mental health journey from being thrown into this new lifestyle and not knowing how to deal with it, not knowing how to deal with hate or mass amounts of attention and our growth, Charli and I’s growth with each other and our mental health.”

She added, “That’s always scary putting that out there and getting people’s opinion, or even hate on mental health. So that’s probably the only thing I’m scared of, but the show’s amazing, I’m excited.”

Dixie, who teamed up with rapper Rubi Rose on “Psycho,” would love to collaborate with Shawn Mendes. “He started on Vine, on social media and he’s been able to grow himself into this amazing superstar and I definitely want to follow in his path,” she said. “It would be really cool to do something with him.”

But she insists she’s not interesting in acting. “I’m not the best at acting,” Dixie said. “I grew up doing theater and that was really fun, but it’s very different when you have a camera in your face because every time a camera is on my face I’m myself. So having to be someone else is not something I’m used to.”