Beyonce musical director/bassist Divinity Roxx (pictured above with Yani Marin), blind artist Lachi, deaf activist Mervin and more were winners at the first Wavy Awards, presented on Saturday by Blonde Music News and intended to celebrate “women, LGBTQ+, non-binary, artists of color, talent who identifies as having a disability and allies.”

Sophia Chang gave a memorable speech at the event, which was supported by the NYC Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment and was focused on “historically excluded” artists who appeared on Blonde MusicNews. Partners include RAMPD (Recording Artists and Music Professionals with Disabilities), MIC (the Music Inclusion Coalition) who support BIPOC and LGBTQ+ students pursuing music careers through the transition from high school to college. The awards were determined by a panel including Kathleen Hanna and artist manager Madeline Nelson (Wyclef).

“We want to cultivate an energy focused on healing by contributing to an equitable future for historically excluded talent in the music industry,” says Rebecca Autumn Sansom, label owner at Blonde Records and Founder of The Wavy Awards.

“We congratulate the Wavy Awards on their inaugural debut,” said NYC Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment Anne del Castillo. “We applaud their efforts to recognize the diversity of the music industry, promote inclusivity for all artists, and highlight the contributions of industry professionals who have been historically underrepresented.”

For more information and a full list of winners and nominees, visit https://www.thewavys.org/

The Wavy Awards 2021

International Artist of the Year: 

Sierra Lundy

Lil Malai – WINNER

Solange Prat


Trauma Lanes


Collaboration of the Year

Rory D Lasnow and Phil Robinson – “Happy”

M the Myth and Hybrid Vigor – “Feel Love”

Lachi and Mezzo – “Genius” – WINNER

Murder Tag

Rodes Rollins and Hnry Flwr – “Isolation”


New Artist of the Year

Natalia Soul

LovelyOcean – WINNER



Xavier A.


Most Innovative Music Video of the Year

Solange Prat – “Creep”

M the Myth – “Prey” – WINNER

Extra Special 4 U – “True Fear”

Cruel Children –   “so sick”

Papi Shiitake – “Enjoy the View”


Fan Favorite Music Video

Racyne Parker – “I’ll Keep You” – WINNER

J’royce Jata – “2 Cute”

Shadow Monster – “Kill Me Sweetie”

Goldilocks – “Slide My Way”

Sunflower Bean – “Moment in the Sun”


Music Video Director of the Year

Dylan Mars Greenberg – The Puppeteers Assistant

Rebecca Friday – M the Myth “Prey”

BitRosie – Celeste Krishna “Talk Talk Talk”

Jeanette Moses – Mansplain “Thick”  – WINNER

Jen Meller – Nihiloceros “Iamananimal”


Song of the Year

Lisa Danae – “Weigh Me Down”

Scorpio SZN – “Sugar Sugar” – WINNER

Lily Mao  – “Seasick on the Subway”

Sierra Lundy – “Sailor”

A Very Special Episode – “Introspectre”

Kittn – “Aim High”

Rogue Soul – “Wears Me Out”


EP of the Year

Bentley Robles – Don’t Feel Like Talking

Scoobert Doobert – Little Hug

Ilithios – Way of the Future

Crowd the Airwaves – Nihilist

Jigsaw Youth – From the Mudd

Medusa – S.O.B. Story – WINNER


Record of the Year

Rebelmatic – Ghost in the Shadows

War on Women – Wonderful Hell

Eve Minor – Dear Diary, I’m Over It

Nihiloceros – Self Destroy

Valerie June – The Moon and Stars: Prescriptions for Dreamers

Groupie – Ephemeral

Goldilocks – Future Famous – WINNER

Celeste Krishna – My Blue House

Grizzy Wynter – Illuminate


Label of the Year 


We Color Live – WINNERS


Substitute Scene Records

Brooklyn Drum Collective Records

Golden Poppy Artist Services

Grimalkin Records


Online Community of the Year

Kitschy Scofflaw – Flame Night Fever – Twitch

HNRY FLWR – Temple of the Void – Youtube

Wyclef and Madeline Nelson – Run That Back – Youtube Series – WINNER

Kayleigh Goldsworthy – “The Kayleigh G Show” – Youtube

Basic Bitches – Good Morning Bitches – Youtube

Troubadour Lounge


Song for a Cause

A Girl Named Jaen – ‘We Are the Chorus’

Milck – “Somebody’s Beloved” – WINNER

Hannah Eggen – “I Can’t Breathe”

Tavana – “Plastic Island”

Alliteration – “Pete”


Book of the Year

Amyra Leon – Concrete Kids

Sophia Chang – The Baddest Bitch in the Room – WINNER

Sara Davis – The Scapegoat

Yvonne Woon – If You, Then Me

Julia Kaye – My Life in Transition

Mary Gauthier – Saved by a Song


Live-streamed Show or Series for a Venue

Tall Boys – Show for Our Wicked Lady

FLTV – footlight bar

Baby’s All Right – Baby’s TV

BandNada – EWEL – WINNER


Favorite podcast or on-air radio show

Strange Oscillations – Elijah Joseph Weber Han

Beka Bishop’s podcast

Sam Sumpter Radio Free BK Monday night show BdBK – WINNER

Breakthru Radio TV “Video Dispatch”


Live-Streamed Show or Series for a Cause

Bands do BK’s 2xTuesdays

Women That Rock ‘Spring Fling’ – WINNER

Festival of Lights and Sounds Connor

Bit Rosie Presents

Proof in Music


Wavy Worthy (honorable mentions)

Mervin Primeaux O’Bryant

Celeste Krishna for My Blue House

Carlo Minchillo – The Brooklyn Drum Collective

Kayleigh Goldsworthy – The Kayleigh G Show