The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival’s fan base has again proven itself a faithful one, with the belief that the 2022 edition will have been worth the three-year wait manifesting in passes for both weekends selling out within hours of going on sale.

“Passes no longer available. 315 days till we meet again,” the festival posted on its Instagram account over the weekend. Tickets were actually have said to have sold out by 2:16 p.m. Friday, after having gone on sale at 10 a.m. PT that morning.

Of course, Coachella 2022 — slated for April 15-17 and 22-24 — had a head start in sales. A majority of passholders for the 2020 schedule have held onto their tickets in lieu of getting refunds as the event was repeatedly pushed back to a series of projected time frames that came and went last fall and again for this year.

Goldenvoice has set up waiting lists for both weekends on the festival site. A rep confirms that the list is set up with the expectation that some of those who bought passes for 2020 but can’t make these dates will be turning in their tickets, making more available in small amounts, as opposed to any further release of additional passes in massive amounts. Pages have also been set up on the site for any ticket holders who wish to turn their passes in, or those hoping to exchange weekend 1 for weekend 2 or vice versa.

As has been typical for the fest in recent years, no artists were announced prior to the instantaneous sellout, and it’s not known which — if any — of the acts booked for 2020, who were to have included headliners Frank Ocean, Travis Scott and Rage Against the Machine, will be on deck 10 months from now.

The Stagecoach Music Festival, which always follows the second weekend of Coachella by a week, has been announced for April 29-May 1, 2022, also with a three-year gap between gatherings, but tickets have not yet gone on sale.