The EDM-pop duo the Chainsmokers is among the backers of a scripted feature film, “Every Nite Is Emo Nite,” that is in development with the goal of placing fictional characters amid the real-life setting of the Emo Nite events that have gained in popularity after beginning on L.A.’s club circuit.

Participating in the development of a screenplay by Brandon Zuck are the Chainsmokers’ production company, Kick the Habit Productions; 3BLACKDOT, which recently announced a three-picture deal for horror films with Eli Roth and rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson; Five All in the Fifth; and Emo Nite’s co-founders.

Although emo is not the Chainsmokers’ signature genre, the members of the duo, Drew Taggart and Alex Pall, said in a joint statement to Variety that “emo music has greatly influenced our lives, taste and the music we make. The community around the music is one of a kind, and we’re excited to showcase Brandon’s amazing story for the world to see.” 

It’s not known whether the Chainsmokers plan to appear in the film themselves, although it seems a likely possibility, given the number of performance cameos said to be planned for the production.

“Emo Nite is a cultural phenomenon in and of itself, a representation of subculture rooted in love and appreciation of the human experience, manifested through an iconic genre,” said Regi Cash, 3BLACKDOT’s CEO. “This film will give voice to what so many people in this community already understand, and is another example of deep storytelling hidden in plain sight.” Cash added that, as with some of the company’s other projects, “it speaks to a shared experience which has become a part of a specific community’s core identity, and yet is still undiscovered by the general public. That simple premise is what consistently leads to incredible opportunity, and we can’t wait to bring Emo Nite to the world.” 

Said Emo Nite founders T.J. Petracca and Morgan Freed in a joint statement, “We have always tried to raise the bar with Emo Nite and what the event and brand can be, whether that’s with the unexpected surprises at our live events, the collaborations we’ve done in the streetwear space, or the launch of our chicken sandwich company. We’re always looking for ways to entertain our audience, that still aligns with what we believe is fun, funny and cool. With ‘Every Nite Is Emo Nite,’ we’re going to be able to translate both the Emo Nite world and community into a whole new form of media and entertainment. We’re excited to be able to tell more stories and grow this thing in more ways than we thought imaginable.”

Taggart and Pall’s producer partners in Kick the Habit are Dan Marcus and Adam Alpert. The producers for 3BD are James Frey, Reginald Cash and Mitchell Smith. The Five All in the Fifth producers on the project are Douglas Banker and Alex Garinger.

Emo Nite released a short documentary film in 2019 under the same “Every Nite Is Emo Nite” name, following three adherents of the scene in three different states, but reps for the new project say the feature being developed is not based on the promotional short.

Freed and Peracca started Emo Nite in 2014 as an event at a club in L.A.’s Echo Park neighborhood. Since then, according to the company’s website, the event has had its name branded on slots at festivals like Coachella and Life Is Beautiful as well as hosting branded nights in more than 30 cities. The company has also invested in clothing collaborations with brands including Urban Outfitters, Obey and Pleasures. The brand’s chicken sandwich is said to have been founded as an inclusive alternative to Chik-Fil-A.

Post Malone and Demi Lovato have been among the celebrity attendees for Emo Nite events. Among those who’ve participated as musicians or celebrity DJs are members of Dashboard Confessional, Blink-182, All Time Low, Saves the Day, My Chemical Romance and Panic! at the Disco.