With livestreamed concerts, their “Bang Bang Con” virtual festival and lots more, BTS has kept busy during the pandemic — and clearly they’ve been at work on new music, as the septet will release a new single called “Butter” on May 21.

Information about the song is scarce, as usual for the group: “21st century Pop Icons BTS will release their new single “Butter” at 0 AM EDT on May 21,” the announcement says simply. “ ‘Butter’ is a dance pop track brimming with the smooth yet charismatic charm of BTS. This song is the second English single following ‘Dynamite’ released in August last year.”

Although no announcement has been made, it seems likely that an album or EP from the group is likely to follow.

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In an interview with Variety for a cover story last fall, the group’s RM spoke of the responsibility the group feels toward their fans.

“We do of course feel a considerable sense of responsibility. … We understand the impact and influence that we have — it’s an impact that goes across regions and borders, because the things that young people feel and experience in Korea is not exactly the same but is probably similar to what young people feel and experience in the U.S. In full understanding of that, we are always careful of what we say and what we do. This [informs] our campaign with UNICEF and other charity efforts,” he said.

“But at the same time, we want to make sure that this does not impact our creative activities — that we are not so consumed by this overwhelming sense of responsibility that it affects our creative process. Striking this balance is very important to us. So far, I think we are doing this balancing act quite well.”