Britney Spears’ lawyer told a judge on Wednesday that he expects that her conservatorship will be terminated “completely and inevitably” this fall.

In a court filing, attorney Mathew Rosengart reiterated that his top priority, however, is removing her father, Jamie Spears, from the role of conservator of her estate, which has given him control over her contracts and finances for the last 13 years. Rosengart is urging Judge Brenda Penny to replace him on Sept. 29 with someone who could handle the job on a “temporary, short-term” basis.

Rosengart noted that Spears recently announced her engagement to her longtime boyfriend, actor Sam Asghari. Before she can get married, however, Spears needs a prenuptual agreement, and that will require the involvement of her conservator. Rosengart argued that given that Spears’ relationship with her father is broken, his continued involvement will only impede the necessary negotiations.

Jamie Spears asked the court to end the conservatorship entirely in a motion on Sept. 7, after two months of intense legal wrangling over the matter.

In response on Wednesday, Rosengart said that Spears “fully consents” to ending the conservatorship as quickly as possible and intended to file a motion to terminate it once Jamie Spears is removed. He said that Jodi Montgomery, who has acted as the conservator of Spears’ “person,” also supports the termination, “subject to proper transition and asset protection.”

Rosengart also asked the court to set a hearing on terminating the conservatorship entirely “at its soonest convenience,” and said that a termination plan will be in place at that point.

Rosengart has previously accused Jamie Spears of abusing his position of control over her finances. He has challenged Jamie Spears’ latest request to fund more than $1 million in attorneys’ fees — including $541,000 for “media matters” — out of his daughter’s estate. In the motion, Rosengart said he would seek to take Jamie Spears’ deposition on those issues, and he would also seek an evidentiary hearing.

Jamie Spears has denied all wrongdoing.