In a rare live appearance Wednesday night, Bo Burnham joined Phoebe Bridgers on stage at the Largo at the Coronet for the first-ever live performance of “That Funny Feeling.”

Both Burnham and Bridgers were surprise special guests at Pete Holmes’ monthly “Living at Largo” show. Bridgers came out first with Marshall Vore and Harrison Whitford for an acoustic version of “Motion Sickness” before leading into a solo performance of “Moon Song.”

“I’m gonna play a song I wish I wrote,” Bridgers said to the audience of 280 people. “I know I love something when it fills me with rage.”

Then the singer-songwriter motioned off-stage, and Burnham came out and sat down at a keyboard. The intimate audience went nuts as Bridgers and her bandmates waded into a delicate rendition of Burnham’s flagship acoustic song from “Inside.”

With Bridgers taking the lead, Burnham contributed overlaying keyboard chords and subtle vocal harmonies. After the song’s bridge, “Hey, what can you say? / We were overdue / But it’ll be over soon / Just wait,” Whitford delivered a folksy guitar solo.

Unfortunately for fans who weren’t in attendance, the Largo’s strict policy against recording and cell phones means there will likely not be a video of the performance. As Bridgers and Co. left the stage, Burnham performed a song he’s done over the years at the Largo about a chicken crossing the road.

Holmes opened the show with a short stand-up set, followed by Emily Catalano and Robin Tran.

“It’s not the movie, it’s the drive to the movie,” Holmes said before inviting Bridgers on stage, implying that the audience’s anticipation for the surprise is more exciting than the surprise itself. But at the very end of the show, Holmes came back out with a big smile on his face and said, “Sometimes it is the movie!”

Burnham and Bridgers were spotted eating lunch together in early July, perhaps foreshadowing the collab, weeks after Bridgers posted “That Funny Feeling” on her Instagram Story with the caption, “every bone in my body wants to plagiarize this.”

Watch Bridgers’ performance of “Motion Sickness” and “Moon Song” below.