“You and I,” the lead single and video from the soundtrack to the Amazon original sci-fi film, “Bliss” starring Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek, premieres exclusively on Variety today, one week ahead of the film’s Feb. 5 release on Prime Video.

The song is written by the film’s composer, Will Bates, and features the unmistakable vocals of Morcheeba’s Skye Edwards. “Bliss” sees Bates once again reuniting with director Mike Cahill (“Another Earth,” “I, Origins”), with whom he has worked on all of Cahill’s directing projects.

“This was my first experience with a full orchestra,” said Bates. Starting in music as a jazz saxophonist then as an electronic artist and later as the frontperson for a rock band, all of Bates’ talents and musical connections come together for “You and I.”

Said Bates: “We had the idea of there being a song that melodically incorporated the love theme. I’ve known Skye Edwards for years, since my London days. Mike and I agreed it just had to be her voice, so I wrote the song for her to sing. It was going to be just in the end credits but when Mike heard it he recut one of the other scenes in the movie and used it there too.”

The video incorporates clips of the film cut with shots of Edwards as her spine-chilling voice sweeps over the building movements of the orchestra. Scenes from the film vary from destitute and dystopian to contemporary and luxurious. Edwards’ minimal setting reflects those of the film, alternating between two contrasting looks — smudged eyes against a black background and a brightly lit motif against a blue background wearing white. The video culminates with Edwards’ two different representations face-to-face, singing to each other.

Milan Records will release the “Bliss” OST on Feb. 5 to coincide with the film’s streaming premiere.

Watch the “You and I” video below: