Pop star Bebe Rexha has previously revealed that she considers her sexuality “fluid,” and in a new interview with Gay Times published Wednesday, she expanded on her views.

“What I believe about sexuality is this: it’s a scale,” Rexha said. “Have I gone out with girls before? Yes. Have I dated girls? Yes, I have. And famous ones, but I’m not naming them. Even though people would be living for it — no!”

Last year, when asked why she hadn’t “defined” her sexuality, Rexha revealed that she considers herself fluid.

“Until I find ‘the one,’ I can’t just say what I am,” Rexha told Health. “I just want to find someone I love and who loves me — and I don’t care if that’s a boy or a girl.”

Rexha now says her attraction is based on whoever “inspires” her at a particular time.

“The only thing I will say is that when I’m in a relationship with a girl, it’s just too emotional,” she said. “The power… I personally cannot deal with that.”

While Rexha understands why people choose to label themselves as “gay,” “bisexual” or “straight,” she said her own journey of discovering her romantic preferences has been less defined.

“It’s just so hard because everybody wants to put people in boxes and I don’t like boxes, as you can tell with my music,” she said. “I don’t like boxes whatsoever.”

Rexha, whose new album “Better Mistakes” comes out May 7, has long embraced her LGBTQ+ fans. Announcing her single “Sacrifice” in February, the singer wrote on Twitter, “I’m gonna give the gays everything they want on this one song.”

The song is inspired by Rexha’s best friend and stylist Wilford Lenov, who is gay, and was welcomed with overwhelming excitement from her LGBTQ+ fans.

Speaking on how her music has more generally comforted queer fans, Rexha said she is surprised.

“I didn’t realize my music could do that, that it actually could give people strength.”