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  • ‘Girls5eva’

    Sara Bareilles anchors a solid new music business backstage comedy about a girl group reunion.

  • ‘Rutherford Falls’

    "Rutherford Falls," a new Peacock comedy from Ed Helms, Mike Schur and Sierra Teller Ornelas, lets Native Americans star in their own stories.

  • ‘Here Today’

    Its inside view of the comedy world is tartly authentic, but as a '90s-style buddy movie, it's lively and winning but with a soft center.

  • ‘Wrath of Man’

    Guy Ritchie aces this action thriller, in which a deadly fox (Jason Statham) takes a job inside the henhouse that is a cash-truck company.

  • ‘The Water Man’

    David Oyelowo crafts an engaging for-kids ghost story whose fantasy elements are thoughtfully grounded by real-world concerns.

  • ‘Mainstream’

    Maya Hawke makes a social-media monster of Andrew Garfield in Gia Coppola's thin but hyperactively stylized sophomore feature.

  • ‘The Comeback’

    Ben Ashenden and Alex Owen's riotous West End comedy "The Comeback" is a triumph, but London theater closures stopped it in its tracks.

  • ‘The Last Five Years’

    This smart revival of Jason Robert Brown's musical plays in a London theater cleverly redesigned for COVID-era safety.