Broadway is busting out some major firepower as it looks to reopen after more than a year of COVID-related closures.

Three of the most successful shows in theater history — “Hamilton,” “The Lion King” and “Wicked” — will resume performances on Broadway on Tuesday, September 14, 2021. Other shows, such as “Come From Away,” “Mrs. Doubtfire” and “Ain’t Too Proud,” have also announced that they will welcome back audiences this fall, but the triumverate’s announced reopening is among the earliest yet. Only “Chicago,” which will also resume performances on September 14, is selling tickets for this early a date.

Cast members from the three shows made the announcement together on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” In a press release, the show’s backers said, “This rare alliance between three of Broadway’s fan favorites sends a message that Broadway is united in its commitment to ending a devastating period of hardship for the tens of thousands who make their living directly on Broadway shows and the tens of thousands in dependent industries.”

Tickets are on sale for all three shows starting Wednesday.

It’s good news for Broadway, which needs these productions if it is going to be able to rebound from months and months without revenue. “Hamilton” has been running for six years, “Wicked” has had a 17-year run, and “The Lion King” is a 23-year old juggernaut. Combined, the three musicals have played to 176 million audience members in dozens of countries around the globe. On Broadway, they have employed nearly 1,000 performers during their runs, to say nothing of the thousands of behind-the-scenes jobs they represent.

Here’s a list of every Broadway show that’s reopening and where you can buy tickets.