It’s been a tough year for composer Lewis Flinn and most of the people who make their living producing live performances. COVID-19 has left the marquee lights dark across Broadway and beyond, depriving thousands of people of their livelihoods and an opportunity to make their art.

In January, after the U.S. Capitol had been sieged and coronavirus cases were ticking upward, Flinn felt his spirits flagging. But rather than surrender to despair, he began to go back over his catalogue of works. Of the scores he had composed for more than 50 theatrical productions he found himself constantly drawn to his musical cues from curtain calls.

“It’s something that gets the audience clapping along,” says Flinn. “It puts a lot of positive energy out there so that the audience will get on their feet and will leave the theater with a smile on their face.”

Now Flinn has put together an album, The Curtain Call Mixes, which will include his hand-selected compendium of curtain call cues from Broadway, Off-Broadway and Regional theatrical productions. “The Curtain Call Mixes” will be released by Silent Voice Publishing on Monday, May 3 and will be available for streaming and download everywhere.

Included are curtain calls from the Broadway productions of “The Little Dog Laughed” and “Lysistrata Jones”; Off-Broadway productions of “Mondo Drama,” “Mr. & Mrs. Fitch” (Second Stage), “The New York Idea” (MCC), “The Busy World Is Hushed” (Playwright’s Horizons), “Show People” (Second Stage), “Die Mommie Die,” “The Third Story,” and “The Divine Sister”; and regional productions of “The Imaginary Invalid” (The Cleveland Playhouse), “Jerusalem” (The Cleveland Playhouse), and “A Comedy of Errors” (Hartford Stage). Many of those recording include clapping effects, a reminder of what’s been lost over the past 12 months.

“It’s been a walk down memory lane,” Flinn says. “It’s made me nostalgic to remember recording them in a room with musicians or in a theater with other people. It reminds me of all the things we took for granted. Each show, every production is really composed of a family of people filled with amazing talents and big personalities. I miss that.”