Federation Entertainment is developing “Carlos Ghosn, The Fugitive,” a thriller mini-series starring Francois Cluzet as Ghosn, once one of the most powerful figures in the global car industry who is now an international fugitive.

“Carlos Ghosn, The Fugitive” will be directed by Frederic Jardin, whose credits include the hit crime series “Spiral” and “Braquo,” as well as the thriller “Nuit Blanche.”

The six-part series was created by Stéphane Osmont, whose screenwriting credits include Costa-Gavras’ “Le Capital” and Dan Franck’s “La vie devant elles.” The script of the series is loosely based on Régis Arnaud and Yann Rousseau’s book “Le Fugitif,” published by Stock in 2020.

Fanny Riedberger and Pascal Breton at Federation Entertainment are producing the event mini-series, which will chart the rise and fall of Ghosn, the former highly respected chief executive of Nissan who fled Japan to Lebanon in Dec. 2019 after facing a trial over allegations of financial misconduct. The multi-faceted Brazil-born businessman, who also holds French and Lebanese nationalities, famously managed to escape Japan hidden in a crate for transporting musical instruments, which was boarded on a private jet. Ghosn, whose estimated net worth is reportedly $120 million, still lives in Lebanon, which has no extradition treaty with Japan.

The high-voltage series will mark the TV debut of Cluzet, one of France’s most popular actors whose credits range from “Intouchables” with Omar Sy to “Tell No One” and “Little White Lies.”

“Carlos Ghosn is such a charismatic and fascinating character that we needed the talent of an actor of his stature to embody him, from the spotlight to the darkest aspects of his life,” said Breton. “With Francois Cluzet, we found the right match. And the mythology of Carlos Ghosn can continue.”

Jardin, meanwhile, said the series will not be a simple biopic on Ghosn and will not aim at either “rehabilitating” him or tarnishing him. “It’s a thriller with all the codes of this genre. An authentic financial and political thriller,” said Jardin.