Korean pop music is becoming available in ever more formats. The latest is a mobile game “Rhythm Hive” which launched Thursday and features BTS and other K-pop acts from the Big Hit Entertainment stable.

The game is produced by developer, Superb Corp., which BHE describes as an independent corporation that leads Big Hit Entertainment’s game business.

The game allows players to play the music of BHE artists in various ways, alone, with friends (“live stage” mode) or in a competitive manner (“mix challenge” mode). Users can participate in a team where they can choose the song and part of the melody they want to play, with titles including the latest efforts of BTS (Life Goes On”), Tomorrow X Together (“Blue Hour”) and Enhyphen (“Given-Taken”).

A “performance card,” available in various designs, displays the group members of the song played. The card has vocal and harmony points, and players can score bonus points depending on the card level. “ ‘Rhythm Hive’ allows users to optimize the game’s level of difficulty, speed and other factors so that a wide variety of players, from experts to beginners, can enjoy it,” the company said.

The launch was accompanied by various online events where players can pick up card packs and gift boxes. The company teased the future launch of regular game updates including “Grand Prix Season 1” which will bring more competition and season rankings.

Superb Corp. focuses on games allied to the music industry. It first launched “Pianista” in 2016, a mobile and Nintendo Switch rhythm game with classical music at its center focus. In 2018, it launched the casual rhythm game “Yumi’s Cells with Naver Webtoon.” It is based on the online cartoon of the same name that is owned by the Korean media giant Naver that last week announced the purchase of a strategic stake in BHE.