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A year after featuring as the European Film Market’s focus country, Chile returns with a delegate of more than 20 producers who will participate in a virtual stand, backed by ProChile and the Ministry of Culture.

Bastard. The Inheritance of a Genocide
(Pepe Rovano)
In this Chilean-Italian co-production between Totoral Films and Media Lab, Rovano faces down inherited demons while researching his biological father, a war criminal convicted of crimes against humanity.

(Oscar Godoy)
A young prosecutor arrives in the unfamiliar territory of Chile’s highlands when called to investigate crimes committed by two border police officers. Valparaiso’s Suroeste Films produces.

El Cuento del Tío
(Ignacio Guggiari)
Assembled for Christmas, a family fakes the kidnapping of their recently deceased uncle to ensure his estate is paid to them as ransom, rather than going to his wife. Sold by Feel Content.

(Elisa Eliash)
Produced by Chile’s La Forma Cine and Válvula Films with Films Bastardía from Peru, family feature “Feverish” turns on Nino, a spoiled child who becomes obsessed with a painting while battling a fever.

Here, the Silence Is Heard (pictured)
(Gabriela Pena)
Winner of $14,000 in development funding at the U.K.’s Open City Documentary Festival, film documents Pena’s return to Chile and the home her family fled during Pinochet’s dictatorship. Picho García produces for Grieta Cine.

History and Geography
(Bernardo Quesney)
Announced by Variety at Sanfic 2018, the fictional story follows a well-loved TV comedy actor who returns to her hometown to stage a play in hope of reclaiming an artistic integrity she never really had.

The Island of Seagulls
(Sebastián Ayala)
Still in the closet back home, a young teenager heads to the city of Valparaíso for a trans contest at a gay disco. There, he finds a new family that accepts him as he is in an unexpected place. Ayala’s semi-autobiographical feature is produced by Bruno Bettati.

(Juan Pablo Arias Muñoz)
Pajareza Films produces this tale of the last woman in a Patagonian village of seven who, on her own, investigates the murder of the only other female in town after it’s cut off by a severe storm.

“My Brothers Dream Awake”
(Claudia Huaiquimilla)
Two brothers help plan a juvenile detention center escape, rebelling against its institutional oppression. Gritty film is inspired by tragic real events and sneak-peeked at Ventana Sur.

“The Mysterious
Gaze of the Flamingo”
(Diego Céspedes)
Preadolescent Lidia lives in fear of a disease spread by love at first sight, which she believes infects her older brother Alexo in this drama set in 1984. Giancarlo Nasi produces for Quijote Films.

“Patient(ly) Enduring Suffering”
(Constanza Fernández)
A dark comedy that sees Dr. Sergio Graf fight the Chilean health system as a patient after contracting Guillain Barré Syndrome. Forced to face his worst fears, the doctor is also given a chance to reconnect with his family. Roberto Doveris of Niña Niño Films produces.

(Nicolás Molina)
Pequén Producciones backs this documentary tracking Valparaíso’s 5th Company of firefighters during a devastating forest fire. A string of catastrophic events brings unprecedented destruction to the area. Lanza Verde produces.

“Still Stares”
(Patricia Correa)
Chile’s Storyboard and Colombian upstart Romeo produce this documentary about taxidermist Miguel, who dreams of starting a museum for blind children using his work.

“La Tierra de los Salvajes”
(Fernando Guzzoni)
Produced by the Larraín brothers’ Fabula, Guzzoni’s 19th century thriller will participate at this year’s EFM Co-Production Market. In the film, a slave owner is plagued by nightmares and the ghosts of his past while the waking world offers only rebellions and an increasingly popular abolitionist movement.