UTA has signed award-winning filmmakers Adi Barash and Ruthie Shatz for representation in all areas.

Known for making character-driven projects that touch on taboo subjects under their Yulari Films banner, Barash and Shatz created, produced and directed the Netflix docuseries “Lenox Hill,” which takes an intimate look at the lives of four doctors working at the renowned New York City hospital.

In his review of the medical documentary series, which launched in June 2020, Variety’s Daniel D’Addario ranked the series among the best shows released in early 2020.

“What’s so striking about ‘Lenox Hill’ is the way it shows the excitement and the stress of the utterly quotidian.” D’Addario said, noting the show filmed eight of nine episodes before the COVID-19 pandemic, but launched during it. “It depicts a seemingly well-funded, competently staffed hospital in which the best of times are still grindingly tough, and introduces four characters whose un-reality-TV-ish aversion to high dudgeon makes their journeys all the more fascinating.”

The prolific writers, directors and producers have carved a niche in the documentary arena with a mission to address themes of community and diversity, revealing the strength and drive of the human spirit as their guiding force.

In 2011, the duo produced the documentary “The Collaborator and His Family,” which won the top prize at the Yamagata Film Festival; 2003’s “Garden,” which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival; and 2000’s “Diamonds and Rust,” which premiered at Cinema du Real before winning the International SCAM Award and the San Francisco Golden Gate Award. “Diamonds and Rust” was also commissioned by ARTE France for the prestigious Grand Format slot.

On the television side, Barash and Shatz wrote, directed and produced “Ichilov,” “Ichilov 2” and “Ambulance Israel.”

Barash, an Israeli American executive producer, director, cinematographer and writer, was born in Tel Aviv, but spent his youth moving between New York City and Israel, where he attended film school. After graduation, he started production on Yulari’s first project “Diamonds and Rust,” which is based on his experience as a diamond mining security officer onboard an African ship.

Shatz was born on an Israeli kibbutz and studied at the Sam Spiegel Institute for Film, where she later became a senior lecturer and script pitching adviser. While still a student, Shatz launched her career as a director on Israeli TV shows and commercials. The award-winning executive producer, director, editor and writer is an International Film Market adviser. The duo are also Sundance alumni.

Barash and Shatz will continue to be represented by attorney Jonathan Gray at Gray Schwartz LLP.