U.K., Spain Sign Memorandum of Understanding to Collaborate on Film and High-End TV Production

Courtesy of Marvel Studios

The U.K. and Spain have signed a memorandum of understanding in respect of film and high-end TV production as both countries experience a production boom.

With projects including “Eternals,” “Wonder Woman: 1984” and “The Crown” shooting across both Spain and the U.K., Film Commissions for both territories have come together to enhance collaboration, for example, by assisting in facilitating travel and production between the two countries during the pandemic for a number of TV series.

“Eternals” was based at Pinewood Studios and shot on location in London and Oxford in England and in Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands while “Wonder Woman 1984” was based at Leavesden Studios and shot on location in London and Cambridgeshire as well as Andalucía and the Canary Islands.

Other series that have shot in both countries include “The Crown,” “Spider-Man: Far From Home,” “Game of Thrones” and “Solo: A Star Wars Story.”

Left Bank Pictures, makers of “The Crown” also filmed drama series “White Lines” in both countries while London and L.A.-based Fulwell 73 recently wrapped their first Spanish-language project, “Boundless,” a three part TV series and film, in Spain.
“We are delighted to build upon our positive and fruitful relationship with the Spain Film Commission through this agreement,” Adrian Wootton, chief executive of the British Film Commission (BFC), said in a statement. “Now is an exciting time for the global film and high-end TV industry, with the demand for filmed content at an all-time high, and the opportunities for all growing. The U.K. and its dynamic and diverse screen industries are very much open for business and we are committed to continued collaborations with our European partners. There are already some fantastic examples of collaboration with high-profile productions being made between our two territories, such as Marvel’s ‘Eternals’ and Warner Bros’ ‘Wonder Woman 1984,’ and we look forward to working with our friends in Spain to forge even stronger creative and commercial links between our countries, exploring new ways of working together in the future.”
Carlos Rosado, president of the Spain Film Commission (SFC), added: “With this agreement, Spain Film Commission continues to develop a strategy to establish collaboration spaces with the most important audiovisual industries in the world. We wish to share common actions with BFC aimed at create bridges between Spanish and British industry. Spain is at a time of special influence and is demonstrating its capacity as an audiovisual agent in Europe. SFC is an instrumental agent of the Spanish Audiovisual Hub and this agreement is part of that strategy.”