Filmmaker Theo Love is directing “Treasure Hunters,” a documentary feature based on the New York Magazine article “The Great 21st-Century Treasure Hunt.”

Netflix will distribute the documentary, with Vox Media Studios and Nomadica Films set to produce.

Benjamin Wallace wrote the article that inspired the non-fiction film, which was published in November of 2020. The lengthy read captures an epic 10-year “sometimes maddening, occasionally deadly, brainscrambling” search for gold in the Rockies.

The documentary’s official logline reads: “‘Treasure Hunters’ follows the true story of Forrest Fenn, an art collector, who buried a $2 million treasure in 2010 filled with rare gold coins in an unknown location with 24 cryptic verses offering the only hint to its whereabouts. More than 400,000 searched for it, including five people who died. Finally, this past June, a former journalist named Jack Stuef came forward claiming to have found it. So why does no one believe him? Is the treasure still out there somewhere?”

Love, whose credits include “The Legend of Cocaine Island” and “Alabama Snake,” will serve as executive producer, along with Bryan Storkel. The producer has previously collaborated with Love on “The Legend of Cocaine Island” for Netflix and HBO’s “Alabama Snake.” Storkel also directed and produced ESPN’s 30-for-30 installment “The Bad Boy of Bowling” and an episode of HBO’s “State of Play.”

Additional executive producers are Vox Media Studios executives Chad Mumm, Mark W. Olsen, and Max Heckman; Nomadica Films executives Jared McGilliard, and John Collin Jr.; and Gum Street Productions executives James Campbell and Dean King. Co-executive producers include Kurt Tondorf and David Clawson for Nomadica Films.

(Pictured above: Director Theo Love)