MPM Premium Rolls Out TIFF Industry Selects Title ‘The Pink Cloud’ in Asia (EXCLUSIVE)

The Pink Cloud

Paris-based MPM Premium has scored further major territory sales on Sundance Festival hit “The Pink Cloud,” closing Korea, China and Taiwan on a title which now plays at the Toronto Industry Selects market.

These sales add to deals for North America – with Blue Fox Entertainment – Switzerland (Trigon), Russia (Russian World Vision) and Brazil on one of the stellar Latin American feature debuts of the year, directed by Iuli Gerbase, part of an exciting young generation of confident women Brazilian filmmakers who are bursting through to recognition abroad. With the new sales announcement, “The Pink Cloud” has sold near half the major markets in the world.

In new deals, AK Entertainment has acquired rights to Korea on “The Pink Cloud,” which had its Korean premieres at Bifan. Beijing Hugoest had scored non-theatrical and festival rights to China, where the film premiered at the Shanghai Film Festival. Sky Digi Entertainment has closed Taiwan.

“The Pink Cloud” celebrated its Brazilian premiere on TV channel Telecine on Sept. 2. The U.K., France, Germany and Spain are in negotiation, said Quentin Worthington, MPM Premium head of sales & acquisition.

The strong initial reaction comes on a title which “nails lockdown life with aching, accidental accuracy,” Guy Lodge wrote in his Variety review, praising a “refined, accomplished debut.”

In a prologue, a dog walker stops to admire a dainty, near fluorescent pink cloud approaching on the horizon, breaths in fresh air – and drops dead. Loud speakers blare instructions for people to go inside and shut windows, which Giovana and Yago, who’ve spent a night together, obey.

“The Pink Cloud” was shot in 2019, before COVID-19. What’s remarkable about it, given that, is its prescience, in its portrait of how two educated but highly divergent young professionals – she’s a website designer, he’s a chiropractor – fashion a relationship which, though they morph from being lovers to parents to distanced housemates – survives the test of time; how an immediate emergency stretches days, months, then years; and how Giovana and Yago react so differently to lockdown.

Film releases depend on the strength of later COVID-19 in respective territories, said Worthington. So Blue Fox Entertainment will release in North America in the Winter “when the film is more evocative,” he said, In contrast, the drama-thriller will bow on VoD in the fall in Korea and Taiwan, where epidemic waves and lockdown measures are still strong. In Brazil, “The Pink Cloud” will segue from its premium TV broadcast to a VOD roll-out

“The film’s release is unique: It is a festival hit, attracts both theatrical distributors and digital distributors looking to release it as an ‘Original,’” Worthington said.
He added: “While the distribution landscape is still in complete transformation and the pandemic is a reality, the film is a safe bet for different types of distributors. ‘The Pink Cloud’ is a universal film that brings comfort and answers in this new world that we still cannot apprehend.”