Studiocanal, The Picture Company Developing ‘Bedroom Window’ with Abby Ajayi (EXCLUSIVE)

Abby Ajayi
Courtesy of Alexandra Kordas

European film-TV powerhouse Studiocanal and The Picture Company are developing “Bedroom Window,” adapting the novel that inspired Curtis Hanson’s 1987 movie, with scribe Abby Ajayi set to write the script, the latest project from one of the most productive of Europe-U.S. film production alliances.

Hanson’s original movie forms part of the nearly 6,000-title film library at Studiocanal whose exploitation is a strategic priority for Studiocanal, owned by Vivendi’s Canal Plus Group.

The Picture Company partners Andrew Rona and Alex Heineman will produce “Bedroom Window” under their overall deal at Studiocanal.

Based on Anne Holden’s novel “The Witnesses,” Hanson’s original film follows a man who goes to bed with his boss’ wife. During the tryst, she observes from his bedroom window a violent attack on a young woman. He goes to the police on his lover’s behalf to report a crime he didn’t actually witness. Soon he is a suspect and potential target for the attacker.

Ajayi’s modern take will, unlike the original, be female driven and give a new spin to the story, which looks to offer large potential in terms of issues such as power-play, gender dynamics and male aggression.

Ajayi is currently working on “Riches” for ITV, which has been ordered to series. She previously worked on the Hulu series “4 Weddings and a Funeral,” “How To Get Away With Murder” for ABC and the upcoming“Inventing Anna” for Netflix.

Ron Halpern, Shana Eddy and Aaron Ensweiler will oversee “Bedroom Window” for Studiocanal.

“As owners of a deep 6,000 title library, we have access to an infinite well of European IP and have the capacity to invest in ambitious projects with world-class talent and partners from all horizons,” Studiocanal CEO Anna Marsh said on Tuesday July 6 at a company 30th anniversary special presentation in Cannes.

A high-concept thriller in a Hitchcockian vein – with a protagonist whose comfortable world suddenly crumbles – “Bedroom Window” is very much in The Picture Company’s wheelhouse, most of their movies for Studiocanal being thrillers.

“Bedroom Window” adds to a notably ever more robust roster of joint titles for Studiocanal and The Picture Company including “Gunpowder Milkshake” which premieres on Netflix on July 14, and Liam Neeson thriller “Retribution” which is currently shooting in Berlin.

Starring Kaley Cuoco, “Role Play” looks to shoot next year. Studiocanal and The Picture Company will also start production this fall on high-concept thriller “Baghead” with Freya Allan and Ruby Barker. They also recently acquired the original thriller podcast “Shipworm” in an auction for a feature adaptation.

News of another Studiocanal-The Picture Company title comes as Canal Plus Group chairman and CEO Maxime Saada signaled at Tuesday’s presentation his aim to grow CPG subscriptions from a current 20 million to a minimum of 30 million by 2025. “A large share” of increased annual sales at CPG will have to go to Studiocanal, he added.

Ajayi is repped by CAA and 42 Management & Production and attorneys Ziffren Brittenham.