AGC International, the sales arm of Stuart Ford’s AGC Studios, and Image Nation Abu Dhabi, which is the UAE’s top production entity, have unveiled the first trailer for upcoming action film, “Al Kameen” (The Ambush), touted as the largest Arabic-language feature film production ever shot in the Gulf.

“The Ambush,” which reconstructs the true story of an attempt to rescue a small group of Emirati soldiers trapped by rebel fighters in a mountainous valley, has a 400-member crew and cast, the leads being all Emirati. Pic was shot entirely in the UAE and stars Marwan Abdulla Saleh, Khalifa Al Jassem and Mohammed Ahmed.

“The Ambush” was co-produced by AGC Studios and Image Nation Abu Dhabi and directed by Pierre Morel (“Taken,” “District B13”). The producers are Derek Dauchy and Jennifer Roth. The film was written by Brandon Birtell (“Furious 7”) and Kurtis Birtell in close consultation with the soldiers involved in the real-life 2018 ambush situation that inspired the plot, according to a statement.

Image Nation Abu Dhabi provided a team of Emirati filmmakers and cultural consultants including Hana Kazim, Talal Al Asmani, Aliwiya Thani and Alia Al Qamzi.

“The Ambush,” which AGC is selling internationally, is set to be theatrically released later this year in the UAE and across the Arab world.