Steve McQueen will premiere three new documentaries — “Uprising,” “Black Power: A British Story of Resistance” and “Subnormal: A British Scandal” — on Amazon Prime Video on Sept. 17.

Directed by McQueen and James Rogan, “Uprising” is a three-part docuseries that examines three events from 1981 in the U.K. — The New Cross Fire, which killed 13 Black youths; the Black People’s Day of Action, which saw over 20,000 join the first organized mass protest of Black British people; and the Brixton riots, a series of clashes between Black youths and the Metropolitan Police. “Uprising” will explore how these events are intertwined and how they defined race relations for a generation.

Helmed by George Amponsah, “Black Power: A British Story of Resistance” tells the story of the Black Power movement in Britain. Featuring rare archival footage of Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X and Stokely Carmichael’s activities in the U.K. — along with footage of leading figures in the British movement, such as Altheia Jones-LeCointe, Darcus Howe and Roy Sawh — the film examines the inception of the Black Power movement in the U.K. and how it fought back against police brutality and racism and helped shape a new political and cultural landscape.

“Subnormal: A British Scandal,” directed by Lyttanya Shannon, details one of the biggest scandals in British educational history, when Black children in the 1960s and ’70s were disproportionately sent to schools for the so-called “educationally subnormal.” The hour-long documentary explores the racial debates that led to the scandal, the devastating impact it had on the children affected and the Black parents, teachers and activists who banded together to expose the injustice and force change upon the educational system.

“Uprising” is executive produced by McQueen, Rogan, Nancy Bornat, Soleta Rogan, Tracey Scoffield, Anna Smith Tenser, David Tanner and Vivienne Steele, with Helen Bart serving as producer. “Black Power: A British Story of Resistance” and “Subnormal: A British Scandal” are executive produced by McQueen, Rogan, Scoffield and Soleta Rogan, with Bart serving as senior producer.

All three documentaries are produced by Rogan Productions, Lammas Park, Turbine Studios and Amazon Studios.

Watch the trailers for “Uprising” and “Subnormal: A British Scandal,” as well as a clip from “Black Power: A British Story of Resistance,” below.