Tom Holland Reveals Real ‘Spider-Man 3’ Title After Trolling Fans

The third “Spider-Man” film has its official title: and it’s not “Phone Home,” “Home-Wrecker” or “Home Slice.”

The real title for the latest installment in the superhero franchise is “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” star Tom Holland revealed on social media on Wednesday morning. Holland and his co-stars Zendaya and Jacob Batalon appear in a 30 second clip, which begins with Holland walking out of director Jon Watts’ office and lamenting over being given a fake title for the film.

“He gave us a fake name again … I just don’t understand why he keeps doing this,” Holland asks.

“You don’t understand? I feel like it’s pretty obvious. You spoil things,” Batalon quips, teasing the star’s reputation for sharing details of the superhero films before they’re public knowledge.

“I don’t spoil things. Name me one thing I’ve actually spoiled,” Holland shoots back, as Zendaya retorts: “The last movie title.”

The camera then zooms in on a white board displaying a number of potential titles, with “Spider-Man: No Way Home” featured at the center.

The Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios film is due to be released in theaters on Dec. 17, 2021.


On Tuesday afternoon, Holland and his “Spider-Man 3” co-stars Zendaya and Jacob Batalon each posted never-before-seen stills from the upcoming movie – and announced three different titles.

Holland’s read, “Phone Home,” referring to the the 1982 film “E.T.,” Zendaya’s was “Home Slice” and Batalon’s featured the title “Home-Wrecker.” Since the first two Spider-Man film titles have incorporated the word “Home,” it seems that the actors were finding the most ridiculous options involving the word and running with them. Fans soon discovered that they were being trolled due to the cast’s dry captions.

“So excited to announce the new Spider-Man title. Can’t wait for you lot to see what we have been up to,” Holland wrote.

“We’re so excited to share the TITLE of our new movie!!” Batalon said, adding lots of emojis. “Swipe right for the big reveal!!”

“So excited to announce the new Spider-Man title,” Zendaya wrote. “So proud of this one… FOS is back!”