Finally, those fascinated with the royal family get to hear Kristen Stewart’s take on Princess Diana’s accent. In the first full-length trailer for “Spencer,” an upcoming biographical drama about the beloved figure, the American actor channels the tortured British royal with ease.

Directed by “Jackie” filmmaker Pablo Larrain, “Spencer” grapples with Diana’s decision to end her marriage to Prince Charles (portrayal Jack Farthing). The film isn’t entirely true to fact, but instead is an imagining of what might have happened during that fateful holiday period in 1991.

New footage from “Spencer” captures a sad reality for Diana, the Princess of Wales: the glitz and glam that accompanies life at the Queen’s Sandringham Estate isn’t without intense scrutiny. Bracing herself for Christmas festivities, filled with eating and drinking, shooting and hunting, Diana assures herself, “Three days, that’s it.”

Stewart, fashionably dressed in stunning gowns and lavish suits, becomes increasingly broken down by emotionally taxing obligations and ruthless paparazzi. At one point, her son asks: “Mommy, what’s happened to make you so sad?” Later, Charles tells her: “You have to be able to do things you hate.”

Diana knows her fate. “There’s no hope for me,” she concludes in the trailer. “Not with them.”

“Spencer,” from Neon and Topic Studios, is scheduled to release in theaters on Nov. 5. Along with Stewart, the cast includes Sally Hawkins; Olga Hellsing as Sarah, Duchess of York; Amy Manson as Anne Boleyn; and Niklas Kohrt as Prince Andrew. The screenplay was written by “Peaky Blinders” creator Steven Knight.

Watch the trailer below: