Paris-based company Indie Sales (“My Life as a Zucchini”) has acquired “Richard the Stork 2,” the sequel to the family animated film which traveled to 155 countries and grossed over $20 million worldwide.

Directed by Mette Rank Tange and Benjamin Quabek, “Richard the Stork 2” follows a daring sparrow, Richard, who was adopted by a stork family and is enjoying wintering at the Great Lake in Northern Africa when he realizes he won’t be the one to lead the flock back north. He runs away to travel on his own and meets Samia and her sparrow flock, who are being held captive by a greedy peacock, Zamano. The sparrows’s only choice to set themselves free is to solve a riddle and find the Great Jewel, which will require teamwork, trust and most of all, spork skills.

“Richard the Stork 2” was written by Reza Memari and Philip LaZebnik. The film is being produced by the team behind “Richard the Stork,” Kristine M.I. Knudsen at Berlin-based Knudsen Pictures; and co-producers Eric Goossens and Anton Roebben at Walking the Dog in Belgium; Elisabeth Opdal at Norwegian production company Den Siste Skilling, as well as Senator Film München.

“We are so happy to be in full production now and deeply grateful for the trust from our distributors and funders. In these turbulent times, a new animated family adventure is welcomed”, said Knudsen.

Eleanor Coleman, Indie Sales’ head of acquisition for animated films, said it was “exciting to see how Kristine and her wonderful team are tackling this franchise with certainty and ambition.”

“In the first film Richard, an orphan sparrow, found a family. In the second film, Richard who has grown into a spunky adventurous teenager finds himself!,” added Coleman.

“Richard the Stork 2” is set to premiere in 2023 and Indie Sales will be introducing the project to buyers at the American Film Market with a teaser.

Indie Sales previously sold around the world “My Life as a Zucchini” which went on to earn an Oscar nomination, and several other prestige animated titles, including Remi Chayé’s “Calamity.”