Pray Away,” a documentary that holds a microscope to the “pray away the gay” movement, is coming to Netflix.

The film, from executive producers Jason Blum and Ryan Murphy, will debut on the streaming service in August. Prior to its arrival on Netflix, “Pray Away” will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on June 16.

“Pray Away” was initially slated to open at the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival, which was paused in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. This year’s edition will run from June 9 through 20 and will be held across New York City’s five boroughs.

Kristine Stolakis directed the film in her feature filmmaking debut. The doc examines the enduring harm of conversion therapy and centers on former leaders of religious anti-gay campaigns. It also focuses on survivors, who seek healing and acceptance from more than a decade of trauma.

Stolakis produced “Pray Away” with Jessica Devaney and Anya Rous. Additional executive producers include Jeremy Gold, Marci Wiseman, Mary Lisio, Amanda Spain, Daniel J. Chalfen, Jim Butterworth, Katy Drake Bettner, Johnny Symons, Julie Parker Benello, Patty Quillin, Nion McEvoy, Leslie Berriman, Regina K. Scully and Alexis Martin Woodall.

Cinetic Media and Blumhouse negotiated the deal on behalf of the producers.

Blum and Murphy, two powerhouse producers, had previously teamed on the coming-out documentary “A Secret Love,” which was also released on Netflix, as well as the TV movie “The Normal Heart,” about the HIV-AIDS crisis in New York City. They are also collaborating with Netflix for a feature film adaptation of Stephen King’s short story “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone.”