“The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks” is set to be framed in a new documentary on Peacock, from award-winning directors Yoruba Richen and Johanna Hamilton and produced by Emmy Award-winning journalist Soledad O’Brien’s SO’B Productions.

Currently in production, the project marks the first ever full-length documentary about the civil right icon, which expands Parks’ story beyond her historic bus boycott in Montgomery, Ala. Using a wealth of video footage and exclusive audio of Parks, plus interviews with activists, celebrities and Parks’ own family, the film aims to “reveal the intent behind her activism, her radical politics and the true extent of her courage.” The film also paints a picture of how Parks’ legacy lives on in the continued fight for justice and equality.

“I’m thrilled to bolster Peacock’s growing documentary slate with premium content like the story of Rosa Parks,” Rachel Smith, NBC Universal Streaming & Cable’s EVP of unscripted development: documentary & lifestyle, said in a statement announcing the project. “This powerful film examines Rosa Parks’ life through a new lens and debunks many common myths. Get ready to see Rosa Parks like you’ve never seen her before.”

The documentary is based on the New York Times bestselling biography of the same name by Jeanne Theoharis, which also won an NAACP Image Award, the Letitia Woods Brown Award from the Association of Black Women Historians and was named one of Choice’s 25 Best Academic Titles in 2013.

Directors Richen (“The Green Book: Guide to Freedom”) and Hamilton (“1971”) will also serve as executive producers on the project, alongside O’Brien, Jo Honig and Patrick Conway (on behalf of SO’B productions). Christalyn Hampton is on board as a producer.

“It’s rare to get beneath the surface of a celebrated American icon and find something even more impressive behind it,” added Richen and Hamilton. “It is a story that elevates the work of the women who were the heartbeat of the civil rights struggle and has far greater lessons on how we might work for social justice today.”

“The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks” will premiere on Peacock in 2022.