Moby will executive produce and provide music for “Meat the Future,” a new documentary about the revolutionary new practice of “cultivated” meat. In addition, conservation legend Dr. Jane Goodall has signed on to narrate the film, which is directed by Liz Marshall, the award-winning filmmaker behind “The Ghosts in Our Machine” and “Water on the Table.”

“Over five years, our lens was situated at the forefront of a historic and hopeful movement of change,” Marshall said in a statement. “That the future holds for cultivated meat is unclear, but I believe its revolutionary journey into the world will stand the test of time.”

“Meat the Future” follows Dr. Uma Valeti (pictured above), as he sets out to create a process where real meat is produced sustainably without the need to breed, raise and kill animals. That process, cultivated meat, is a food innovation that grows meat from animal cells, and Valeti is part of this revolution as the co-founder and CEO of Upside Foods. The film follows Valeti and his team over five years as the cost of production plummets, and consumers’ eye the imminent birth of an industry which could help reduce greenhouse gases and reduce the land needs of animal agriculture. MetFilm Sales is representing worldwide sales rights, excluding Canada.

“I’m very happy and proud to announce that I am an executive producer of the documentary ‘Meat the Future,’ by award-winning writer-director Liz Marshall. It’s about the remarkable development of cultivated meat, which can help us save the only home that we have in our fight against climate change.” said Moby.

Goodall added, “I’m excited about the documentary because it is solution-focused. The film proposes a way forward, to reduce methane, to reduce water and land use, to lessen the suffering of animals, and to prevent future viral outbreaks. I hope it sparks your imagination and inspires change.”

“Meat the Future” is also executive produced by Kyle Vogt, Chris Hegedus, and Janice Dawe. Marshall wrote the film, as well as produced it. It was produced in association with documentary Channel, the Canada Media Fund and the Redford Center Grants with funding provided by the New York Community Trust. It was also produced with the participation of the Rogers Cable Network Fund and Little Walnut.

Watch the trailer below: