Jodie Comer will begin shooting Ridley Scott’s latest project, “Kitbag,” towards the new year, she confirmed to Variety.

Comer will play Josephine opposite Joaquin Phoenix’s Napoleon Bonaparte in the historical drama about the military leader and emperor.

The ‘Killing Eve’ actor is about to embark on promotion for Scott’s “The Last Duel,” another historical drama set in 14th century France, in which she appears alongside Matt Damon (“Stillwater”), Ben Affleck (“Argo”) and Adam Driver (“Marriage Story”).

“I just jumped at the chance to work with Ridley and his team again and the idea of working with Joaquin, who’s someone who I hugely admire,” Comer said in an interview with Variety about “The Last Duel,” which will premiere at the Venice Film Festival next week. “I think for me, what I’m learning is […] you learn and you grow so much by being and working with the people that you’re working alongside.”

“And I just think having that opportunity — I’m so excited to delve into that world.”

Comer said she hasn’t started preparing for the role of Napoleon’s beloved Josephine yet, which is due to shoot “closer to the new year,” because she is entirely focused on the fourth and final season of “Killing Eve” alongside Sandra Oh, which she is currently wrapping.

The actor will be making her film festival debut in Venice, which she told Variety she is both excited and terrified about. “It’s something I’ve seen every year and just thought, ‘Wow, how cool and impressive is that,’ so the fact that I’m going to be there feels so surreal,” she said. “And then also that we’re going to sit down with an audience and watch it with them is kind of daunting.”