The U.K.’s Independent Cinema Office (ICO) has launched The Cinema of Ideas, a collaborative film platform aimed at independent cinemas.

The Cinema of Ideas is a digital, revenue-sharing platform that will bring the ICO’s expertise, connections and public funding to allow independent cinemas to create culturally-relevant programs that tackle issues of race, disability, sex, sexuality and class with as wide an audience as possible

The ICO is also offering two funded curatorial curatorial opportunities from under-represented voices to participate in film curation and leading discussions on the platform.

The first event will be led by Aleema Gary, researcher and community history curator at the Museum of London, on “Archival Resistance: Rastafari Women in Britain,” which will include a live panel with curator June Givanni and writer Rasheda Ashanti Malcolm, while D. Elmina Davis’ documentary “Omega Rising Women of Rastafari” will stream alongside.

“At a time when there is so much uncertainty for cinemas, in particular when we have yet to see the long-term impact of audience viewing habits during a pandemic, it’s really important that the ICO supports cinemas as best it can,” said Catharine Des Forges, director of the ICO.

“Providing curated events, talks and screenings on a virtual platform that can be offered virtually to audiences on terms that are far more advantageous than the industry-standard means that cinemas can diversify their offer and innovate at a time when the economic climate makes it difficult for them to do so alone,” she added.

So far cinemas participating in the project including Chapter Cardiff, Saffron Screen, Northampton Filmhouse, Wellington Orbit in Telford and Barn Dartington in Totnes. More are expected to join.