Woodcut International has boarded “(K)nox: The Rob Knox Story,” a feature documentary about the tragic story of “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” actor Robert Knox, who was stabbed to death at the age of 18.

Woodcut will executive produce the film and act as worldwide distributor.

Knox had just finished filming for “Half-Blood Prince” in 2008 when he was stabbed in south-east London while protecting his younger brother. A perpetrator was subsequently charged and sentenced for the murder.

Knox had previously appeared in Keira Knightley film “King Arthur” and, before his death, had reportedly been signed up to reprise his role of Marcus Belby in a subsequent instalment of the “Harry Potter” franchise.

“(K)nox” features interviews with family, friends and members of the film community, including Ray Winstone (above right) and some of the “Harry Potter” cast, such as Tom Felton and Jim Broadbent. The doc is intended to be an anti-knife crime film as much as a look at Knox’s life and death.

The film is directed by Aaron Truss, who will also exec produce alongside Joe Acres. The Rob Knox Foundation, which was set up in the actor’s honor after his death, will produce alongside Nick Kenton. Koulla Anastasi exec produces for Woodcut International.

“We at the Rob Knox Foundation are extremely happy to be partnering with Woodcut International and look forward to our journey together,” said Truss. “Not only have Woodcut been involved with some great documentaries like ‘Damilola: Death of a Ten Year Old,’ but they also understand the need for a film like this in today’s society. Knife crime especially in the U.K. is worse than ever, so we hope that this film will make an impact on people’s attitudes towards this horrific culture.”

“It’s a privilege to be involved with this extraordinary documentary,” said Woodcut’s Anastasi. “This film pays homage to a young man whose legacy has shone a light on knife crime, and his fame in the ‘Harry Potter’ movie has created a unique vehicle to draw attention to the soul destroying impact crimes of this nature have on so many lives.”