‘Frances Perkins’ Biopic in Works: True Story of FDR’s Secretary of Labor Who Was Architect For New Deal

Frances Perkins
Courtesy Assembly Line Entertainment

Janek Ambros and Assembly Line Entertainment have teamed up with Nando Vila and Pop Front Pictures to produce a biopic on Frances Perkins, the true story of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Secretary of Labor, who was the architect of the New Deal.

Known as the “Mother of Social Security,” Perkins made history as the first woman to serve in any presidential U.S. Cabinet, along with serving the longest as the U.S. Secretary of Labor — from 1933 to 1945.

“Frances Perkins” will follow two simultaneous stories of the American workers-rights activist; her early years fighting for labor, and her fierce, tactical struggle to pass the largest economic legislation in American history as FDR’s Secretary of Labor.

Ambros spoke about the upcoming project, saying, “While the focus is on the character study on Perkins and her strategic tactics to pass massive legislation, it’s equally about the limitations that a person has to create structural change if they work within the confines of Washington,” said the director and founder of Assembly Line Entertainment. “We couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with Pop Front as they’re current slate shows they’re on the cutting edge of politically charged content.”

Vila, one of the co-founders of Pop Front Pictures added: “Frances Perkins is one of the great unsung heroes of American history. Her policy work transformed this country, improving the lives of untold millions of people. Before the passage of Social Security, seniors had to work until the day they died to survive. We are excited to collaborate with Assembly Line and Janek, who has written a riveting and politically sophisticated screenplay.”