8 Billion Angels,” a documentary that grapples with overpopulation, has sold North American theatrical distribution rights to Abramorama.

The independent distributor plans to premiere the film virtually on April 20 before making it available on-demand on April 23. Following the April 20 premiere, the filmmakers will host a panel to discuss the inconvenient truths of overpopulation. Victor Velle directed the documentary.

Terry Spahr, a sustainability expert and environmental activist, executive produced”8 Billion Angels,” which poses the unsettling question: “Are there too many of us for planet Earth?”

“With every environmental crisis getting worse not better, it’s ‘all hands on deck,'” Spahr said. “Unless and until we change our way of thinking, we won’t solve this emergency.”

The documentary details the conflict between the size of our global population and the sustainability of our planet. It argues that humanity’s demand for resources vastly exceeds nature’s ability to supply them, and real food, water, climate and extinction emergencies are rapidly unfolding. The non-fiction film dispels the misperceptions that technology can save us, that reducing consumption is the only answer, and that the blame lies solely in the developing world. The ultimate goal of “8 Billion Angels” is to inspire real solutions toward lasting sustainability and a better quality of life for all of Earth’s inhabitants.

“‘8 Billion Angels’ approaches a real problem from an entirely new angle,” says Abramorama CEO Richard Abramowitz. “Our hope is that this film will break through the clutter to generate meaningful action and change.”

President of Stanford’s Center for Conservation Biology and author Paul Ehrlich called the film “a much-needed call for action,” and professor William Ripple says it is “an absorbing tale, revealing the shocking truth.”

Watch the trailer below: