Columbia Pictures to Open Aquaverse Theme Park in Thailand, With Rides Inspired by Ghostbusters, Jumanji and More

Courtesy of Sony

“Ghostbusters,” “Jumanji” and “Bad Boys” are a few of the popular movies that will inspire rides and attractions at a newly announced theme and waterpark from Sony Pictures Entertainment and Amazon Falls.

Located in Thailand’s seaside town of Bangsaray, the upcoming tourist spot has been titled Columbia Pictures’ Aquaverse. It’s expected to open this October, COVID be damned.

Aquaverse isn’t being built from the ground up. Instead, an existing amusement park is being retrofitted with IP from Sony-owned Columbia Pictures. Sony is only licensing its brands, which have inspired attractions at other theme parks, such as Universal Studios in Orlando and Motiongate in Dubai.

“We are creating opportunities for all audiences around the world to immerse themselves deeper into our stories through water parks, touring exhibitions, and theme park attractions,” says Jeffrey Godsick, Sony Pictures Entertainment’s executive VP of global partnerships and brand management and head of location based entertainment.

Godsick said vaccinations efforts in Thailand are tracking to increase significantly by summer, which would allow the park to be fully operational by fall.

“We did a tremendous amount of research around the world, and there’s a hunger from audiences as long as they feel safe,” he said.

Thailand’s Eastern Economic Corridor is enthusiastically welcoming the coming attraction, which it hopes will “set new standards for immersive entertainment” in the area.

“The project is going to play a key role in reshaping the growth dynamism in the EEC,” said secretary-general Dr. Kanit Sangsubhan in a statement. “The theme park will be a key component in our EEC Smart City development plan, and EEC will provide our full support, including 5G services and other infrastructure, digital technology, transit links, and partnership with clean energy and investment promotion package to ensure the success of the project and help create a long-term sustainable development in the EEC.”

The theme park will have both land and water-based attractions for guests of all ages. Here’s a list of the rides and experiences (exclamatory verbiage is all Sony’s own):

Men in Black Thrill Rides – Aquaverse’s most thrilling rides and attractions can be found here, including hair-raising water coaster rides, one of which has a 12-meter free-fall ride that sends you careening down a MIB Wormhole.
Ghostbusters Supernatural Experience – Step into the Ghostbusters portal and zip across ghost traps as you glide down a water coaster with your best friend or dare to enter the world’s first and only fully-enclosed water dome in a family raft ride
Bad Boys Raceway – Experience the thrill of the chase and put the pedal to the metal around our new outdoor go-kart tracks in a neon Miami themed racecourse.
Jumanji Jungle Adventure – Brave the world of Jumanji through wild jungle themed water slides, visiting Jaguar Mountain while being chased by Mandrills before plunging into Jumanji’s splash pool!
Hotel Transylvania Kid-Friendly Zone – Aquaverse’s biggest water park attraction featuring over 100 water features, splash buckets, water rockets and more!
Surf’s Up in Surfer’s Paradise – Surf a mighty wave and show us what you’ve got on the exhilarating water park attraction with our dual Flowrider!
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Swallow Falls River Adventure – Take a break from the day’s thrills by touring the Aquaverse along the lazy river and meet the amazing Foodimals featured in the hit film.
VIVO Wave Pool – Relax in a giant wave pool inspired by the upcoming animated musical. The wave pool zone is the ideal venue when hosting music events and live shows, where celebrity artists and world-class international DJs will take to the stage.