In the first trailer for “Cinderella,” the latest retelling of the classic fairytale, Camila Cabello’s princess isn’t searching for Prince Charming. No, the young woman, who glamorized the glass slipper, dreams of building her own fashion empire.

The upcoming movie, which debuts on Amazon Prime Video in September, gives a modern spin on the familiar story about an orphan forced to live with her evil stepmother and wicked stepsisters. In this version, the ambitious protagonist, who goes by Ella, is no damsel in distress. She desires to be a seamstress and one day launch her own dress line — naysayers be damned.

“Here’s a laugh, this girl fancies herself a businessman,” one particularly rude townsperson says to raucous laugher, even though Cinderella can clearly hear him.

When her cruel stepmom (Idina Menzel) bans her from going to the ball, thus ruining her chances of showing off her custom gowns, Cinderella is greeted by her Fab G, portrayed by “Pose” star Billy Porter.

“Do you want to go to that ball and meet a bunch of rich people who will change your life,” he asks. “Yes,” Cinderella says plainly. “I was just crying and singing about it two minutes ago.”

Cinderella naturally makes a splash, capturing the attention of potential customers and at least one charming bachelor.

“I pick you to be my princess,” the prince (Nicholas Galitzine) tells her. Ella, exuding girlboss energy, remains undeterred. “But what about my work?” she asks.

“Cinderella” was written and directed by Kay Cannon, a former “30 Rock” writer who is best known for creating the “Pitch Perfect” franchise. The cast also includes Minnie Driver, James Corden and Pierce Brosnan.

Sony produced “Cinderella” and initially planned to release the film in theaters. However, the studio opted to skip the big screen and instead license “Cinderella” to Amazon as the movie theater industry struggles to recover from the pandemic. It will debut on the streaming service on Sept. 3.

Watch the trailer below: